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Cybernetic Dreams

Darker Epic Music for Trailers and Teasers for Films and Computergames


Timeless Epic Music with Hybrid Orchestral Tracks. Uplifting and Motivating Music perfect for Trailers and TV-Advertising.

Symphony of the Icelands

Ambient Orchestral Music in the tradition of nordic composers like Arvo Pärt and Olafur Arnalds.


Epic and Heroic Music with some 8Bit nostalgia on some tracks.


Epic Drums only! Perfect for scoring your videos with big, bold, massive drums.


Uplifting and Epic Hybrid Orchestra tracks with some nice analog synthesizers to punch up the mix.


Postrock Music with sad ambient guitars for the reflective moments in life


Scary and Horror Music that freezes your blood. All done with orchestral soundeffects


Ambient tension music for forensic scenes and the next murder in the case

Dragons & Fireflies

Epic Orchestral Music with big orchestra and analog synthesizers for Trailers

The Living Flame

Hybrid Orchestra tracks with some tracks scored with smaller orchestra


Heroic and uplifting tunes all as neo orchestral compositions with the epic touch

Morrow Forge

Rock and Heavy Metal Music paired with full orchestra and massive choirs


A glimpse of the future, to conquer new planets with epic science fiction music


Some typical epic and driving Trailermusic with hybrid orchestra sound design


Ambient and Suspense sound design and music for forensic experiements orchestra paired with futuristic synthesizers


Music only with acoustic instruments like Piano, Guitar or Solo Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello)


Music from the Southsea with some typical HAKA War chants. Fitting for Documentary.

Heavens Light

Epic and Dangerous – this mini album only has some few tracks that fit for Trailers and Films

Sign of the Mariner

A good mix of epic orchestral music and some calmer not too overhelming tracks. Hail to Neptune!

The Storyteller

One of our first albums done with smaller orchestra. Storytelling time!

Across the Stars

Epic Sci-Fi Music with orchestra and synthesizers. Also and early album of Soundcritters.

Epic Tales

Short epic music tracks and stingers. Available only for licensing.

Fen Fire

Dark and ambient orchestral music with some epic tracks, too.


It´s war across the galaxy. Orchestral music with choirs sometime calm and dark sometimes heroic and uplifting.


Our very first album but it´s not epic – it´s 80´s pop 🙂 -> only for licensing