Less epic but not less adventurous. Come with us heading home with this uplifting orchestral music album. Fitting also well for Imagefilms, Documentaries and Naturefilms.

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Another Life (Audiostems included)
Born in Fire (Audiostems included)
Growing (Audiostems included)
At first light (Audiostems included)
Kronos Rises (Audiostems included)
Desolation (Audiostems included)
Hidden Myths (Audiostems included)
Synthesis (Audiostems included)
Enchanted Forests (Audiostems included)
Red Leafs (Audiostems included)
Greener Grass (Audiostems included)
Far Heavens (Audiostems included)
Road to Glory (Audiostems included)
Open View (Audiostems included)