Please have a listen to our different music labels – each fitting for a special purpose (we are still uploading all epic music albums on Soundcloud so stay tuned and meanwhile check our full archive via our Music Store)

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Epic Tones

Big Bold Epic Orchestral or Hybrid Orchestral Music. Massive Orchestra mixed with the best analog Synthesizer gear available.

Epic, Cinematic, Orchestral, Soundtrack, Hybrid

Cybernetic Dreams
dark, epic, traileresque, analog synth, orchestral

epic, soundtrack, orchestral, hybrid, heroic, fantasy

epic, heroic, dramatic, sci-fi, hybrid orchestral

epic, uplifting, space traveling, orchestral, majestic

space, sci-fi, epic, evocative, majestic, dramatic

trailer, tension, soundeffect tracks, hard, dark, epic

dark, traileresque, soundeffects, epic, driving

action, trailer, epic, heroic, orchestral, choir

dark, horror, atonal, orchestral, strange, myth, ghosts

tension, background, suspense, documentary, sci-fi, future

Morrow Forge
epic rock music, heavy metal, orchestra, choir , e-guitars

Earth Tones

Delicate orchestral music for documentary, nature films and for the sake of mankind.

Coming Home
Emotional, Evocative, Small Orchestra, Documentary, Naturefilms

Symphony of the Icelands
orchestral, documentary, naturefilms, calm, emotional

Earth Edition: Wonders of Nature
small orchestra, documentary, calm, tension

Solar Tones

Space inspired Themes and Filmmusic to Underscore the vast dimensions of the universe.

The Solartones Project: Mars
Sci-Fi, Epic, Heroic, Space Traveling

science fiction themes, tabletop music

Reality Queens

Music that´s suited for reality documentary, Youtube Videos and all projects in need of good “casual” music.

Content Creator Vol.1
imagefilm music, mixed moods, mixed styles

Content Creator Vol.2
imagefilm music, mixed moods, mixed styles

Content Creator Vol.3
imagefilm music, mixed moods, mixed styles

Content Creator Vol.4
imagefilm music, mixed moods, mixed styles


Get the real Beats for your Raps.

Raised in the Street
beats, hip hop, epic battle rap


Celestial music for your Aerial Videos and Drone Footage.

Endless Sky
music for aerial videos and drone footage

Velvet Energy
energetic, driving, edm, electro

apocalyptic themes for a destroyed world