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Epic Production Music for Trailers, Advertising, Imagefilms – Epic Music and No Copyright Music totally free to use

Started as a niche epic music nowadays is very popular and has a growing community. Soundcritters was there from the beginning and has also grown over the years. Epic Cinematic music is our passion and what we love the most. Still we are the underdogs of this industry and proud of as we do things different than others.

Soundcritters Production Music Library has a strong focus on usability and uniqueness. Our epic music library is 100% royalty free music and free for download. Free epic music usage in all non-commercial projects is allowed – also known as copyright free music. In addition we own all  copyrights and our customers and users have not to worry about any third party worldwide. You can find our productions on a wide variety of projects like music for commercials, music for aerial videos, music for imagefilms, music for trailers and advertising campaigns.

Free Epic Music and No copyright music

Epic Music is still our main focus and the style we love the most! So you can expect beside some other styles in our production music library epic music as the main style we produce the most – with love and passion. Please feel free to download our free music. You are allowed to use our no copyright music for all non-commercial projects!

What is Soundcritters Production Music?

We are creating  high quality production music for advertising since decades. For instance our music is used for Cinema Trailers, TV and Online Marketing Campaigns like for Real Estate Imagefilms, music for Luxury Brands and a lot more. Our whole music library is offered as royalty free music (you do not need to pay any PRO: performing royalties organisations). In addtion our productions is free music for any non-commercial project!

We hold 100% of all copyrights and do not work with third party composers to assure our customers that there will be no problems from a third party when using our music.

During the years we enjoyed the support of many thousands epic music fans. Most importantly: we are very grateful for that support and offer therefore our best Trailermusic on Spotify and Soundcloud as well as on Youtube just for your hearing pleasure. Feel free to use our no copyright music totally free of charge for any of your non-commercial projects. You can download the music free on Soundcloud.

Free Music and easy music licensing

Free Epic Music and easy licensing especially for Youtube
These days music licensing is getting harder and complicater every single day. Especially when you are a Youtube Content Creator. You know better than us that a copyright issue pops up nearly every day. We are able to whitelist your videos directly. So you need not to worry about claims on Youtube as we manage all for you!

As our music is protected with Content ID on Youtube we have partnered with AdRev to regain full control over our music rights and to be able to support you with any copyright issue regarding our music. Don´t worry about copyrights claims anymore!

Get in touch with us and get a quote for your commercial project or use our free music on all your non-commercial videos. Check also our Youtube FAQ.

Get a quote for your commercial project - free of cost and without any commitment

Get a quote for your commercial project. Send us an E-Mail with your project description as stated below and we are rolling or use our quote form below.

Need a license for a commercial project? Get in touch with us.
Get a quote for your commercial project - free of cost and without any commitment

If you plan to use our music commercially you need a proper license. To get a quote from us please send us an e-mail with your project specifications looks like:

  • Name of the Music Track(s): you can hear our library on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud – just tell us what you like to license
  • Project Medium: e.g. Social Media, Youtube, TV, Cinema, Podcast, Radio
  • Project Owner: please tell us who runs this project e.g. if you are an agency for Aerial Video Productions producing for a customer please give us your data
  • Project Customer: e.g. you are producing for a third party please tell us who this third party is
  • Territorial Info: do you plan your project just for a specific part of your country or worldwide
  • Usage Time: do you need the music just for a specific amount of time or do you need a perpetual license

Why we need this information? As most of our music is royalty free we need this info for creating a proper license document and of course to create a good quote for you. All data will be treated under the GPO Laws and will not be used for any marketing or other purpose than to create the quote and later to create a license document.

Send us your license request to: support@soundcritters.com

Quote Form – get a quotation free of cost and without any commitment:

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