Epic Music

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Epic Music for Trailers, Teasers, Imagefilms and more

Started as a niche epic music nowadays is very popular and has a growing community. Soundcritters was there from the beginning on and has also grown over the years. Epic music is our passion and what we love the most. Still we are the underdogs of this industry as we do things different than others.

As we focus on the “normal” producer and small companies as well as hobbyists and private users we decided that our music is completely royalty free. In other words we own all of our copyrights and our customers have not to pay a PRO (performing royalties organisations) worldwide. Therefore you can find our music on a wide variety of projects like drone and aerial videos, imagefilms, trailers and advertising campaigns.

What are Soundcritters?

We are creating epic music for advertising since decades. For instance our music is used for Cinema Trailers, TV and Online Marketing Campaigns. Instead of many other high quality Trailermusic producers we offer our compositions as royalty free music.

Since the very beginning we are distributing our music on ower own behalf without any major distributor or label. In other words we own the needed flexibility to license directly to our customers. In addition we hold 100% of all copyrights.

During the years we enjoyed the support of many thousands epic music fans. Most importantly: we are very grateful for that support and offer therefore our best Trailermusic on Spotify and Soundcloud as well as on Youtube just for your hearing pleasure.

Easy licensing

These days music licensing is getting harder and complicater each day. Especially when you are a Youtube Content Creator. You know better than us that a copyright issue pops up nearly every day. Therefore we have established a Online-License for a very low price. With that you are on the safe side and we are able to whitelist your videos directly for you.

As our music is protected with Content ID on Youtube we have partnered with AdRev to regain full control over our music rights and to be able to support you with any copyright issue regarding our music. Users of our music never worry about copyrights claims anymore!


We offer some very affordable licenses for using our music in your projects

Free Usage

$ 0 Tryout License
  • Try before buy
  • Full Lenght Tracks
  • High Quality MP3


$ 4 -14 Private License
  • Non-commercial use
  • Youtube (unmonetized)
  • High Quality MP3


$ 19 - 49 Online License
  • Commercial Use
  • Youtube (Monetized)
  • High Quality WAV


$ 149 - 299 Media License
  • Full Commercial Use
  • Every usage possibility
  • HQ WAV & Trackouts

Youtube Friendly


All of our epic music productions are protected by Youtube Content ID. We have made this decision cause we want to be able to help our customers in case of a copyright claim. In short:  we need full control of our music to help you with any claims.

We have setup a Youtube Clearance Form for you. So in case you have a Private, Online or Media License and want to publish your creations on Youtube just take advantage of this form and inform us.

We are more than happy to whitelist your video so that you don´t get a copyright claim for our royalty free music productions. To sum up: if you have licensed more than five music tracks (only Online and Media License) we are able to whitelist your whole Youtube Channel! As a result there will be no more claims and strikes for your channel when using our music – ever.

Any Questions?

Please don´t hesitate and drop us some lines!