If you are into filmmaking sooner or later you´ll hear the keyword production music also known as stockmusic, audio stock music or buyout music. Ok sounds nice but what´s behind the buzz?

Production Music equal to Normal Music?

The right answer can be yes and no! Yes because Production Music is equal to normal music in it´s quality – means we are not talking about Junk Music or music that sound not that good. Hell no Production Music can be seen as highly specialised music. That´s because this kind of music has only one purpose: to move your film or project further to help your works to shine. Therefore Production Music have to be more than equal compared with normal music as it need to be on the point for the genre you are looking for.

OK but what´s the difference now?

Production Music comes not only in high quality (normally at least in studio quality means 48khz, 24 bit, WAV Format) you normally can also expect so called Audio Stems or Trackouts. These are the unmastered single audiotrack files. For example the single drum track or just the orchestral violins section. Unmastered is a very important point. This is due to the possibility for the filmmaker to do their own mastering. Applying more reverb, some EQ´s or just some more “ooomph”.

What about licensing and using?

Well here each Music Library has it´s own rules. The licensing for a commercial project can be very different. The main and most important point is if the library is royalty free or not. Don´t expect that all production music libraries are royalty free or free to use! That could be an expensive failure. If the music library is not 100% royalty free you have to pay a PRO (performing royalties organisation) like GEMA, ASCAP, SUISA etc… in addition to the license fees!

Soundcritters Production Music Library

As we like to keep things simple all of our music is 100% royalty free. We also charge a fair price for our just only two commercial license models. In addition if your are in need for great music for a non-commercial project you are allowed to use and download our whole music catalog for free. So you just have to pay the stated price for the license type you need. There are no hidden or additional costs like those for a PRO.


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