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How to license?2023-01-16T12:17:32+00:00

We have simplified our whole licensing process. Choose your tracks from our Music Search then choose your License Type and simply checkout. That´s it – don´t forget to read our license conditions before…

We have categorised our production music library as follows (select this by using the Music Line Filter and Apply):

01: Epic Music – Trailermusic (our most epic tracks for trailermusic and film)
02: Casual Music – Advertising Music (mixed music from EDM to Pop and Contemporary)
03: Documentary Music – Naturefilm Music (orchestral music in the typical BBC Music Style like from Planet Earth)

Payment Options2021-11-10T12:27:10+00:00

Due to security and simplification we only offer payment via PayPal. Via this secure service you can choose your own payment options within paypal (like bank transfer or credit card usage).

What means Multiple Versions Included (Audiostems)2024-06-04T12:01:56+00:00

When you read that multiple versions or Audiostems are included behind the name of the track it means that we have a zip file as download with different versions of the track (multiple versions e.g. a version without drums or choir) or the separate audiotracks (audiostems e.g. piano track, drum track, strings track etc..) . It´s included and you do not have to pay any additional fees. BUT it´s only included within the Online and the Media License!

What happens if your YouTube video gets flagged for “Matched Third Party Content”?2023-01-16T12:20:33+00:00

If you receive an email about matched third party content on Youtube (and you surely will as we needed to register all music for Youtube Content ID) you have two options:

  1. A claim on Youtube is nothing more than the charming way to tell you that the music has copyrights. Nothing more will happen (that´s only true for our music!). You will simply be not able to monetise your videos as long as the claim is active.
  2. But of course you want to use our music commercially and want to monetise your videos: Then you have the option to license directly via our Music Store. For all online releated things the “Online License” will do it. After that you can send us the direct link to your Youtube Video (use our form therefore) and we (and our Partner AdRev) will release the claim within 24 hours. Therefore you don´t want to publish your youtube video as private – it must be listed in order to release the claim!
Can I monetize my video on YouTube?2021-11-17T12:21:45+00:00

Yes. If you want to use our music in a commercial way you need to get a license. After that we can whitelist your video and you are able to monetise your videos. Please also read our Youtube Information page for further details.

Please also send us the direct link to your Youtube Video via our Youtube Clearance Form – so we can release the claims for you. Please also keep in mind that your video have to be accessable (not in private mode) to release the claims.

How will the music be delivered? Where can I download the free epic music?2023-01-16T12:23:06+00:00

You can download the music directly from our Music Store. When you choose the Demo License the tracks will be charged with 0€ – this license is of course only for demo and layouting purposes. A Mp3 File (160 kbit) will be available for direct downloading.

In case you obtain an commercial license (needed for all commercial usage) we will send you a high quality WAV File (24bit, WAV, 48 khz).

Remember that all transfers will be digital – so please be sure to key in your right e-mail adress. Otherwise you won´t get access to the files after registration in our Music Store.

Do you own the music after you have bought a commercial license for?2023-01-16T12:24:28+00:00

No. You do not own the music. Purchasing a license only allows you to use the music for your commercial project and the purpose specified in the license. That is different than ownership. We own all of the copyrights in and to the underlying composition and sound recording of every track.

You may not market the music as your own even if you add other instruments or a vocal to the music. Your Soundcritters license does NOT allow you to upload your project to YouTube’s Content ID system. Uploading Soundcritters music to Content ID or any other Fingerprinting Service will cause mistaken copyright claims for other users and for your future projects, and constitutes a violation of our licensing terms.

Do you need a license for each new commercial project?2021-05-25T15:09:47+00:00

Yes. Each song is licensed for one commerical project. You can use multiple songs in the same commercial project as long as each song has been licensed for that specific project.

Do you need a license if you buy the track on iTunes or Amazon?2021-05-25T15:11:15+00:00

If you are planning to use our music in a commercial project you need to purchase a license to do so. Of course you do support us when purchasing our music albums over iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp or listen on Spotify and Soundcloud – we are very thankful for that!

What are you actually buying when using our music in a commercial project?2021-05-25T15:11:56+00:00

You are purchasing a synchronization license that allows you to “sync” your audio-visual image to our music for the use specified in the license.

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