ERA marks a milestone for Soundcritters. For over ten years now we are producing under this label epic and heroic music. This album is really made for our fans and features only modern hybrid orchestral Trailermusic with a lot of “oomph”. We hope that the music will inspire you and set your imagination into overdrive… [...]


Symphony of the Icelands


Symphony of the Icelands features twelve music tracks in ambient orchestral mood. We have catched up with the tradition of nordic composers like Arvo Pärt or Olafur Arnalds which brings the frost, the coldness of the north right inside your ears. It´s also perfect for documentary and nature films.   Support us:    

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Gateways is a typical Trailermusic Album with epic hybrid orchestral music. We have some calm starting tracks composed for Gateways like Amaranth but also some fresh synthesizer tracks with the usage of some C64 sounds. All in all we think it´s a good blend of epic - synthetic and full orchestra tracks. Have fun!   [...]




Stampede is an industry only realease. 12 massive and earthshaking drum tracks for Film, TV and Advertising with mostly epic drumwork.   This album is only available for licensing.




Starbound features ultra-epic Trailermusic as heard in big Hollywood Trailerproductions. We composed the tracks in a hybrid orchestral style with full orchestra and choir mixed with fat and bold Synthesizers and Soundeffects. With this album we want to take you with us on an epic journey across the stars to the center of our galaxy. [...]




Imagine a post apocalyptic world after the nuclear fallout. This setting we have used for creating this alternative and epic rock album. Sometimes the tunes are hopeful sometimes melancholic and reflective.   Get the album and support us...  




With Revenant we added a true Horrorscore to our Production Music Library. Dark and Twisted musictracks with Aleatoric Orchestra Effects and mysterious sounds are available in ten tracks.   The album is only available for licensing.




Crimescene is an industry only release. We have written the tracks in the popular style of tv-series like Dexter, CSI, Castle or Navy CIS. All tracks are tension driven but composed for background and underscore usage. Perfect for your next forensic scene…   The album is only available for licensing.


Dragons and Fireflies


Dragons and Fireflies is a classical epic music album with emotion. Massive and Heroic Tracks can be found side by side with emotional and reflective Tracks with smaller orchestra. Also some hybrid tracks can be found within th sixteen tracks featured on this album.   Get the album and support us:

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The Living Flame


The Living Flame album features twenty epic music tracks. This time we did not only big-ass ear destroying whole orchestra-hybrid tracks but also emotional, reflective ones recorded with a small chamber orchestra. Beside heroic and epic moods we created some fragile and emotional moods. And sometimes it´s getting scary (The Candyman & Eerie Childhood)…   [...]

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Superhuman includes 13 unique music tracks. Most of them are available in different versions. Uplifting, powerful epic composition with bold orchestral arrangements and choir parts are typical for this album. This album is our tribute to the stunnig worlds of superheroes from Marvel and DC-Comics as we are also nerds...   Get the album and [...]


Morrow Forge


Morrow Forge is a long time project of us and is really an affair of our hearts as it is composed in a less “Traileresque” way. We composed it in a “Epic Metal Rock” Style which is great listening fun as we think. Screaming E-Guitars, hard hitting drums, epic orchestral arrangements and an epic choir [...]

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Epic-, Bold-, and Adventurous Tunes shapes this album. Orchestral Compositions mixed with modern synths and epic movie soundeffects. Shining and evocative music tracks with lush strings ensembles as well as agressive or majestic horn sections compliment each other. This album includes 17 music tracks – every track is available as full dressed version and as [...]




The Grimoire Album features 19 music tracks. The moods are from calm and relaxing piano tracks over to driving, fast paced modern orchestral tracks with E-Guitars as well as epic orchestrated tracks with earthshaking horns and drums. Many of the tracks are composed with the “three-act-structure” in mind. Get the album and support our work:




“Biomimetics is the study of the structure and function of biological systems as models for the design and engineering of materials and machines.” The album includes 13 musictracks and a total playtime of over 37 minutes. The hybrid compositions are using massive Synthesizers, epic orchestra and earthshaking choirs. It was composed with a technical approach [...]




Acoustica features 12 music tracks all recorded with acoustic instruments like piano, solo violin, acoustic drums, guitars and more. The moods covers calm, relaxing music pieces as well as heroic and hopeful themes. This album is only available for licensing.   Hear the Acoustica Album Mix below:




Paikea contains 18 music tracks. The album was composed for documentary around and in the sea with all the beauty and danger of the creatures living there. The covered moods are from calm and mysterious over to delightful and heroic tunes. This album is only available for licensing.   Hear the Paikea Album Mix below: [...]


Heavens Light


Heavenslight is a mini-album that contains 9 music tracks. The covered moods are from calm and mysterious over to adventurous and epic music tracks. The vision for this tracks was to create music that works very well within a Heaven and Hell setting. This album is only available for licensing.   Hear the Heavens Light [...]

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Sign of the Mariner


The Sign of the Mariner contains 12 tracks. The covered moods are sometimes calm and mysterious but also heroic, adventurous and epic. The vision for this album was to recreate a thick atmosphere for a fantasy setting in an ocean/fisher environment like in the well known Lovecraft books and movies but not as dark as [...]

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