Youtube Music for Video Creators – What it´s all about?

Composers and Musicians have the opportunity to register their music with the so called Content ID System for Youtube.  You know better than us this is nearly by 99% the case for all music available these days.

Rights Owner do this because they get back the control of their intelectual property so in first case not a bad thing at all.

But the Content Creators building up their community on Youtube and using music marked with Content ID will get a Claim. Don´t worry. This is just the charming way of Youtube to tell you that the music is copywritten. Nothing more happens during the first claim – but you are not able to monetize your video.

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Licensed Music – How to Youtube?

No Copyright Music Youtube

You license a music track from us. Thanks for that we appreciate your support!

You now get the track from us and the licensedocument and everything looks fine. Hell Yeah time to make some money on Youtube.

But you got a claim?!?

Yes that´s because all of our music is protected by Content ID. But the good news is – we are able to whitelist your video and from there you can monetize it from there on!

So how to proceed: Release the claim for your videos

After you are ready and have uploaded your video to Youtube – let us know that you want us to whitelist your video. Therefore please send us an e-mail with the direct link to your Youtube Video. Yes it´s that simple! After we got your request we will immediately contact our content service provider AdRev and let him know that your video shall be whitelisted. This normally takes 24 till 48 hours.

This means: no more claims for our music ever again!

Content ID & Fingerprinting

As we said before: all of our music is protected by content ID and registered with the service provider AdRev.

That´s the reason why you are not allowed to register your recorded song with Youtube´s Content ID system! (or any other fingerprinting service)

The problem is that Youtube do not allow to register non-exclusive royalty free music if you are not holding 100% of all rights (please see here Youtubes Statement). Only the original producer can hold all rights – but as we (as most other producers do, too) license our music on a non-exclusive base to a whole bunch of customers, the license will be used by a lot of peoples.

So in case you register your e.g. modified song with Youtube Content ID or any other fingerprinting service there will be false copyright claims between the license holders. As result we have to request the removal of your track!

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How to make money with our Youtube Music for Content Creators?

At first sight it seems there are some restrictions to our Youtube Music Productions. But of course you can still make money with your videos on Youtube. Because you are allowed to monetize your videos and keep 100% of all income from that, when having a commercial license from us.

Also keep in mind that all of our high quality music productions are 100% royalty free. This means you don´t have to worry about to share your revenue with any PRO (performing royalty organisation) like ASCAP, GEMA, SUISA etc.

It´s pretty simple: License Once – use Forever!